Encaustic Tiles

Many of our designs are inspired by 18th century France, when those amazing ancient cement tiles were originally developed.

One of our designer told us:

"I can't get enough of your vintage antique cement tiles I fond at your salvage yard poussiËre compris (dust included).

I want to silkscreen your patterns on fabric, use the images in a collage, paint a frieze, embroider a border on a linen skirt, knit the patterns, make a tile top table or not to mention re-tile several rooms in my house and my clients homes.

What would they become in my hands beautiful tiles?"

Each of our antique reclaimed Encaustic Tiles were once made by hand, by master craftsmen,
who've made it their life long efforts to ensuring a completely unique product unlike anything else on the market buring their era.

Limestones.com is all about smart Adaptive Reuse of old and weathered Limestone Blocks and dimensional salvaged stone elements and their successful and meaningful reintegrating into one’s life and design space. 

Incorporating our elements even into the most modern of settings will connect your design and hard wire your home and lifestyle with Natural Order and the Matrix of human connectivity.

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