Biblical Stone

If you twist our arm trying to have us pick between our various reclaimed flooring lines, it would have to be the Biblical Stone.

Unbelievably old and hand reclaimed antique floor pavers, salvaged from old homes and structures from many sleepy towns and cities scatted across the Mediterranean Sea shore.

With every footstep you take on those pavers you travel through a time portal of sorts, connecting you with past generations that have walked and lived their lives on top of it for centuries.

The Biblos stone is a true labor of love from start to finish.

From the moment a villa or a farmhouse gets tagged for reclamation to the moment it gets reinstalled in its new home half way across the world. You really cannot find a more accurate witness of time that has been so close to the Mediterranean people who have walked on it for centuries without even stopping and thinking twice about its journey.

From its past to its future and how much of their collective memory it is carrying inside of it, mirrored by its uneven velvety surface that doesn't seems to belong to our earthly realm of existence. You know this saying, If only the stone could talk, well this one speaks volumes and doesn't know how to stop! is all about smart Adaptive Reuse of old and weathered Limestone Blocks and dimensional salvaged stone elements and their successful and meaningful reintegrating into one’s life and design space. 

Incorporating our elements even into the most modern of settings will connect your design and hard wire your home and lifestyle with Natural Order and the Matrix of human connectivity.

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