Arcane Limestone

The Arcane french limestone floors are old and reclaimed ancient pavers salvaged from old homes and structures from across ancient South of France cities on the Mediterranean Sea.

The advantage of the Arcane limestone is that it's a bit texturally smoother and is less costly than its famous counterpart the 'Biblos Stone' also known as the 'Biblical Stone'.

This stone blend offers a sophisticated and evenhanded mixture of ancient arcane beauty and modern luxury.
Just like all our limestone its quartzitic composition is very high so its hardness is legendary, capable of enduring any climate extreme, any weather conditions, wet environments or heavy traffic areas with ease.
The Arcane French limestone is the perfect choice for all indoor and outdoor applications including spas, Jacuzzi lingers and swimming pool floor bottoms. is all about smart Adaptive Reuse of old and weathered Limestone Blocks and dimensional salvaged stone elements and their successful and meaningful reintegrating into one’s life and design space. 

Incorporating our elements even into the most modern of settings will connect your design and hard wire your home and lifestyle with Natural Order and the Matrix of human connectivity.

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